20/05/2013 - ASPARAGUS WEEK 20. - 26. 5. 2013

Asparagus season is in full swing and therefor we can offer you special asparagus menu. From appetizers to desserts. Chef Adam prepared for you a delicious menu. Simply choose. More in the daily menu or in the "Do you have a taste?"


The winter is finally gone and you can enjoy warm and sunshine also on our garden. For better and healthy entering the spring season, we have prepared spring detox menu for cleansing the body and getting rid of all pollutants that body during the long winter absorbed. And do not worry, you will definitely like it. More in Daily offer.


Spring and summer is not coming yet and LEPORELO+ eliminates negative situation and balancing the positive ones. Our chef decided to bring you a summer "at least" on a plate. We have therefore prepared a menu that will be hunky Nuno, because it is composed exclusively of the specialties of fresh fish. Offer to help us provide our renowned, one of the fastest imports of fresh seafood, Ocean48 company. We will introduce it in the section you have taste?. Our experience with a book on the second day - 7 April.

28/02/2013 - RETRO KITCHEN II

We all know this and yet we have so much. Our first price offers not only a stylish decoration of artificial flowers, a standardized weight of food issued from the kitchen to the signal, which serves elegant movements waiter with slicked back hair.

From the 4th to 10 International Women's Day March inclusive with us eat thematically, but well over a jar with a mark and colorful retro wheels can observe bizarre home accessories contemporary times. Carnations are a must for all ladies who have chosen to celebrate International Women's Day was our restaurant.


And next week are thankful for ♥ loyalty ♥ too and so we will give away presents to each Valentine's menu of unique designer accessories brand Morrows at the restaurant.

14/02/2013 - EROTIC MENU

Dear friends, we had it coming. Feast of love is one of those light moments that work and in the long winter ever experience. LEPORELO+ wants it to our guests truly enjoyed. Last year we sirloin evenings stretched to a full week and we indulged in a romantic atmosphere with aphrodisiac cuisine. This year, we remain with candles and erotic diet a little stronger. Reservations on the 14th February just opening!

17/01/2013 - !HOT! WEEK

Our kitchen is not settled at all and the following information requires courage!!! Our chefs come together and especially gentlemen may in the week from 21 to 27 January unleash too!

This week will bring them favorite spicy additives and ingredients such as chilli, wasabi ... and more. The ladies still think and therefore the degree of sharpness can certainly regulate and together with a partner complete the evening already so well-known aphrodisiac, which is hot chocolate with chilli. Serving its spicy recipes inspired by Asia, and South America, select here. January is one of the coldest months of heat and hot spices and help protect immunity! Book a table now.

23/12/2012 - PF 2013

If it's the end of the world, I will not give in 2013 to a noble opportunity to buy, or a little love to not put guests coffee, and what is worse, we lost the pleasure of experiencing the smell and taste of our cuisine and your company. Wish for the new year to be.


to 23.12 / 11-00 / \ / \ / \ 24.12-26.12 CLOSED / \ / \ / \ 27.12-30.12 / 11-00 / \ / \ / \ 12.31 - 1.1 CLOSED

Sunday opening hours to 15.00 is unchanged


It's coming to you? To us in the kitchen, yes! And so the idea of ​​the type of tune carp steak in breadcrumbs, with an attachment in the form of salad brambrového and most honest missing fish soup. Such menu, you will need to prepare yourself: (My Christmas inspired delicacies you will also prepare with love, but other than you know. Begin 17 to 23 tasting traditional tastes., But not ours. Neighbor's You! From Slovaks to the Irish.