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After a year long break is LEPORELO+ in The Brno House of Arts going to show up with another fashion event. The fith show is going to take place right there on the 7th of June at 8 pm. Organizers are going to show  seven collections made by six designers. 

From the most talented generation of upcoming fashion labels were invited PBL PRAGUE, MIRKA HORKA, LaFormela, Daniela Pešková, Petra Ptáčková a Ela Jediová. The catwalk got moved from the foyer to the first floor inside the gallery with running exhibition.
All the potentional lovers and clients are going to se all models and designers face to face in a foyer of the building just couple of minutes after the show. Designers will brought their models for an open discussion. There will also be a projection made of selected pictures shooted by Kamila Netikova a photographer who is an author of the event's visual.  
START 20.00
1. Ela Jediová
2. Daniela Pešková 
3. Petra Ptáčková
5. LaFormela 
TICKET FOR SALE AT LEPORELO+ Designshop / The Brno House of Arts / OPENING Tue - Sun 10-18



We have been looking for sponsorship to a project Módění. If your company has been interested in a fashion production and looking for a progresive and prestigous project to help you with the corporate image, do not hasitate to contact our fundraisers and get a partner´s offer and detail project discription about it´s developing proces.

contact: shop@leporeloplus.cz / +420 608 519 732

10/06/2012 - Official thanks to co-organizators of SUGAR fashion show

Thanks Proxima | Creative studio and FAST Model Management for a very impressive fourth collaboration in the preparation of SUGAR fashion show. We also thank all project partners and media partners for their assistance with the implementation and publicity, and last but not least, all members of our designers and production: Peter Kalouda, Romana Jakesova, Peter Pluhackova, Pavek Berky, Ludek Kellner and Martina Uhlirova!

Photos from Friday's show will be soon added in the photo gallery. You can follow our funpage on facebook to get the newest updates.

05/06/2012 - Follow the newest updates of SUGAR fashion show

If you want to check the collection samples, listen to interviews with organizators and designers of SUGAR fashion show, become a facebook fun right now! 

30/05/2012 - SUGAR fashion show line-up

Start 18,30 / speaker: Veronika Ruppert

1. Petr Kalouda / Brno
2. Romana Jakešová / VŠUP Prague
3. Luděk Kellner / Brno
4. Martina Uhlířová / VŠUP Prague
5. Petr Pluháčková / VŠUP Pragu
6. Pavel Berky / VŠUP Pragu
7. Petr Kalouda / Brno
Entrance: free for standing / VIP with invitation
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/M%C3%B3d%C4%9Bn%C3%AD/118899711568785?ref=ts

28/05/2012 - SUGAR fashion show designers

The SUGAR fashion show is going to introduce seven fashion shows made by six famous designers!!

The exclusivity if the night will be the retrospective fashion show of rewarded designer and a teacher Petr Kaloudas collection. We will show the hotest TOP STYL DESIGNER Pavel Berky and its finalist Luděk Kellner. The Prague University of Art and Design will represent a fashion designer Romana Jakešová who was born in Brno and a finalist of SHOOTING FASHION STARS 2012 Petra pluháčková. Surprising will be first fashion collection by Martina Uhlířová, who has actually been a a student of Intermedia Art Studio in Prague.


16/05/2012 - The fourth fashion show planned on 8th of June 2012

The face of event called SUGAR fashion show has become a top model Zuzana Rosáková (photo: KIVA PHOTO). The event will take place at LEPORELO+ and it has been organized in cooperation with PROXIMA Creative Studio and FAST MODEL Management. This performance will introduce the latest collections by Petra Pluháčková or Petr Kalouda and many others. Stay on! We will add the program soon.